HZN CARS truly is your one-stop centre for all your Honda’s maintenance needs.

So do drop by, and let our friendly and professional staff take care of you and your precious Honda.

HZN CARS always be assured to quality service, technical expertise and maximum reliability.

Most of us visit several different shops to get our cars repaired. Some shops are better at engine related issues so we go that shop while others are better with tires and alignment so we go to that one. It can be a hassle to visit a few different shops to keep your car in tip top condition.

Business hours are from Monday to Sunday. With 20 service bays and clean, HZN CARS will attend to your Honda’s every need. All of our technicians are highly trained Honda specialists so rest assured that your car is in safe hands with us. We do attend to walk-in customers, however, fixing an appointment beforehand is recommended to cut down waiting time to be serve.

For a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience, reflexology is available to waiting customers on Saturdays. The would be an excellent way to spend your weekend. A full glass wall between the waiting area and the workshop area allows customers to get a full visual of what is being done to their cars.

HZN CARS is fully equipped with Honda Diagnostics Tester so any problems in the car can be pinpointed and rectified with has is a accuracy. With our well trained technicians and mechanics, we guarantee that we will find a solution to whatever complications you may have with your Honda. And in-house wheel servicing centre able to solves the problem of having to go to a separate shop for new tires and alignment. We also have a car wash and car grooming centre and are currently holding a polish and wax promotion.

Among the customer friendly features that HZN CARS service reception counter, a spacious, air-conditioned waiting area with comfortable sofa chairs and a TV to keep you entertained. We also have a children’s playroom to keep the little ones occupied and in a safe location. You may also choose to browse our current line up of Hondas proudly displayed in our showroom area.

10 REASONS Why You Should Visit Our Honda Authorised Service Centre